Lessons are provided for children and adults.  For kids, we start at age three. 

Never ridden before? No problem.  We teach beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

Our instructors are experts at teaching confidence and the foundation of skating.

With over 1,300 Certified Instructors, most likely we can serve you.  We are Canada’s largest skate school, in business since 2009.   If we are unable to, we will refer you to another skate school who can help you.

Your Home or A Public Skate Park

At skateparks or safe and quiet parking lots. The exact location will be determined by your local instructor based upon your ability and what you would like to learn.

We Can Come To Your Home For No Extra Cost.

Beginners should have a wooden, traditional skateboard that rises on both the nose and the tail.  A plastic board will not be suffice.


The size of the board should match the shoe size of the student to ensure proper progress and safety.


There isn’t any one particular brand, but there are several recommendations that we can make based upon what tricks you are trying to learn, your size, and how often you skateboard.

We sell individualized and packaged lessons.


Beginners typically take 4-8 lessons to master the basics.


Trial lessons are available.  (Inquire below)

Snow or Summer- GOSKATE is open year-round.  


Lessons are offered 7 days a week


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