Why Go Skate?

  • Established as the first national skate network in America. Our instructors have more instructional experience.

  • Run by skateboarders, owned by a long-time skateboarder Everyone in this organization is an experienced skateboarder who can share their knowledge.

  • Systematic process designed to help people learn and improve quickly

  • Close to home. Instead of driving 30 minutes to go to lessons, our large amount of instructors allows us to have someone close to you.

  • Hands-on Instruction. Our instructors do more than advise. We help you balance, hold your board, and even your hand (if you need it).

  • A knowledge base in skateboarding doesn't exist elsewhere. Our clients tap into a network which is enriched by the nations top instructors which will not be found anywhere else.

    Sorry, we do not offer rollerblade, or scooter lessons.

    Before The Lesson
    Article: Making The Most of Your Skateboard Lessons
    Choosing Skateboard Equipment

    Videos | Photos of the Lessons
    Instructor Certification
    Learn Skate Vocabulary
    Interactive Skate Spot Map
    Why Go Skate?
    Overnight Skateboarding Camps
    Birthday Parties (Coming soon)