Skateboarding Vocabulary

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    When another skateboarder (usually at a skate park) goes before their turn. Example: "Dude, I think I just got snaked!"

    Ledges (usually concrete) going down over stairs. The term get it's name from the legendary spot, "Hubba Hideout" in San Francisco.

    "Wheel Bite"
    The friction that occurs when your wheel hits the wood of your skateboard deck sometimes stopping you completely. This generally occurs when you have loose trucks. Example: "Hey man did you ever land that kickflip down Hollywood?" "Almost! I landed rolled a couple feet, got wheel bite and fell off!"

    When a skateboard spot (usually on private property) is made unskateable by the property owner. Frequently this is done by putting knobs or plastic screw-ons on places where skateboarders grind. Example: "We went to Sylmar High, and it was knobbed!"

    Derieved from the longer version of the word, "heshian." It is reminiscient of a certain style of skateboarding usually equated to bowl skating, big rails, and non-technical tricks. Heshians are stereotyped for wearing tight pants. Tony Trujillo is a professional skateboarder who is an example of a heshian.

  • "Tech""
    The opposite of a heshian. A tech trick, or skater, is known for doing very complex tricks usually on smaller ledges and stairsets. Tech is short for technical. An example of a technical skater is Daewon Song.

    Common 3CCD digital video camera made by sony in 2 models (VX1000 and VX2000) which is commonly used to film skateboarding. The VX is popular for several reasons (it's quality, sound, and because it fits on a wide angle "fish eye" lens. Example: "Hey, I want to film something. Do you have your VX?"

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