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Brain Tucci

"Brian Tucci has competed in professional contests and participated in demos all across the U.S. Over the years, his skateboarding has been featured in a handful of mainstream and underground skateboarding films, including Trevor Prescott’s (RIP) "Seasons" series, Josh Stewart’s "Static" series, Chris Hall’s "True Mathmatics" (1996) and "Get Familiar" (2005), as well as in various issues of 411VM. Tucci’s skating has also been showcased in numerous print and online publications, such as “Transworld Skateboarding,” “Thrasher Magazine," "Slap Magazine," "Focus" and 48blocks.com, among others.

Tucci currently lives and skates in Washington D.C. His current sponsors include Circle-A Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Durkl, Nike SB and Vu Skateshop in Baltimore, MD." -Brian Tucci.com


Norman Woods

Norman Woods is known for showing up at Hollywood High School and throwing down big on the rail. Norman rides for War Co. Skateboards, Jessup Grip, Tracker Trucks, Autobahn Wheels, Ergo Clothing, Ashbury Eyewear, Active Rideshop, Monster, & Bart Jones


Dan MacFarlane


"Dan MacFarlane is a pro skateboarder, instructor, and entrepreneur who has been skateboarding for over 23 years. After climbing through the ranks of the skateboard industry and representing various major sponsors, winning contests, and turning pro for one of these companies, he eventually set off on his own to create Mentality Skateboards, and the bestselling instructional video "Skateboarding Explained".

Dan still continues to skate 6 days a week and is on a mission to do as many original tricks and combos as he can for 2010." - Dan MacFarlane.com


Josh Perkins

Josh Perkins has 20 years of experience skateboarding who will skate 20 foot gaps and grind rails down 25 stairs. Josh grew up in York, Maine and has taught lessons for over five years at the largest indoor skate park on the east coast, Rye Airfield in Rye, NH. He has traveled all over the world to film and compete. Josh Perkins was in Creature Skateboard's film, "Born Dead" and toured the country with their team.

Ricky Fox

Dave Bachinsky

Dave Bachinsky is best-known for his kicklip down "El Toro" High School which is one of the largest kickflips in skateboarding history. He is sponsored by Hubba Wheels, City Skateboards, Adidas, and Pioneers Board Shop.

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