Hunterriver, Prince Edward Island Skateboard Lessons

Master Skateboarding in As Little As 13 Days

Yes! You can Learn all you need to know about Skateboarding this quickly in our all levels course in Hunterriver Pe. Our Skateboarding Explained system will very much help you accomplish that!

Affordable Skateboard Lessons in the City of Hunterriver in Prince Edward Island

Our skateboard lessons and programs teach students proper positioning on the skateboard for many easy skateboarding tricks like ollies and even nollies. In the lesson you will learn skateboard park etiquette as well as several really good skateboard tips.

What We Teach in Our Hunterriver Pe Class:
-Proper Foot Positioning on a Skateboard
-How to Center Your Weight
-Beginner Skateboarding Tricks
-How To Turn on a Skateboard
-How To Stop
-Skate Park Etiquette

In skate instruction, the goal is to first get the skater used to the basics of transportation before learning easy tricks. Once the foundation has been clearly understood, we can then move on to learning how to skate on ramps. Ramp skating is very easy as long as you have proper instruction. We have a great skate facility in Hunterriver Pe to get the skater started.

We use only pre-screened certified program directors in Prince Edward Island. So good, that they have more than 9 years in the skate training background.

Hunterriver Pe skateboard lessons have ranked #1 in popularly since they began three years ago.

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Go Skate Canada does not own or manage the skateboard park. Skate at your own risk. Wear proper head, elbow, elbow, and wrist protection at all times. Go Skate Canada will not be liable for injury at these parks. For more questions about specific rules at Hunterriver Pe skatepark, email the Hunterriver Pe recreation department employees. More on Hunterriver Pe Skate Parks

Learn Skateboarding in Hunterriver, Prince Edward Island:

Hunterriver Pe gives skateboard classes at your skate park or in your drive way. If you are in Hunterriver Pe and falling down a lot on your skateboard then you might want to consider taking a lesson with Go Skate, The Nation’s Best Skate Lesson Service.

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